Mass Spec Services


At 21st Century Biochemicals, we employ state-of-the-art instrumentation and software coupled with the latest in nano and capillary LC equipment for bioanalytical research. We offer a wide range of MS and related analytical services, utilizing state of the art LC-MS/MS for applications such as mass determination, post-translational analysis (e.g., phosphorylation, glycosylation), peptide mapping, enzymatic digestions and protein/peptide sequence determination, and complex mixture analysis. Our newest services, PhosphoExploration TM and Fast Proteo Check TM , are designed with our customers in mind. Our PhosphoExplorationTM Program is an integrated approach to studying protein phosphorylation. Our staff, utilizing various biochemical, chromatographic, and MS methods, localizes novel protein phosphorylation site(s), generates appropriate phosphopeptide sequences, and generates and purifies phosphorylation state- specific antibodies. Fast Proteo Check TM is a rapid, multi-level LC-MS screen of protein and/or peptide samples, allowing us to more accurately determine the suitability of your sample for further workup. In 5-10 days, you receive a preliminary, lower cost analysis of your sample, and speak with our scientific staff to determine the best course of action prior to embarking on lengthy and more costly MS and Analytical analyses. Our scientific staff is always available to assist in project planning, sample preparation, and guidelines to assure your project is a success. Our new programs reinforce our goal to provide "Integrated Solutions for Complex Proteomic Problems."
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