Custom Peptides
Custom Peptide Synthesis The scientists at 21st Century Biochemicals have decades of peptide synthesis and purification experience. As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Peptide Manufacturer, we manufacture 100% of the peptides we sell in our laboratories in the Boston area. Unlike most other peptides companies that produce peptides off-shore or purchase peptides from 3rd parties, we control all aspects of the manufacturing process and thus you can be assured that your peptides will be of the highest quality. Whether you require a few mg of highly purified peptide or 100 grams of a 35 amino acid peptide, the scientists at 21st Century will deliver the highest quality product at reasonable prices. In addition, our highly trained scientific staff can assist you in choosing peptide sequences and purities to suit your specific research needs. Our peptide services include: Peptides from 2 to over 136 amino acids in length - purities up to >98% available Scales from mg to 500 grams - we can produce peptides at scales that work for you Modified peptides - phosphorylated, methyl-lysine/arginine, biotinylated, dye-labeled, FRET, cyclized (disulfide bonded/lactam bridges), scaffolded peptides, MAP peptides and much more Isotopically-labeled peptides - 13 C /15 N and 2 D - labeled peptides Cell-permeable peptides - our expertise is unmatched; peptides can be delivered to various cellular compartments using a variety of cell-permeable vectors; click here for more info Overlapping peptides - for epitope mapping, T cell assays, other applications; with a capacity of over 1,500 peptides per month, we can provide rapid turnaround for Peptide arrays - available on plates, individual tubes or in formats to fit your research Peptide libraries - peptides with one or more degenerate sites for drug discovery or other applications; modified peptide libraries Click Chemistry - component peptides can be produced with azido-alkyne reactive sites and recombined to produce larger peptides and structures
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