Phosphospecific Antibodies

Join the laboratories across the country who trust 21st Century Biochemicals to manufacture the highest quality, target-specific phosphorylation state-specific antibodies. The scientists at 21st Century Biochemicals have been making phosphorylation state-specific antibodies for over 10 years, and are specialists in the production of antibodies to multiply-phosphorylated targets. All singly phosphorylated custom phosphospecific antibodies are only $2,795 (multiple project discounts available - contact us for current specials), plus shipping and dry ice charges. This service includes:

  • Complete technical support throughout and beyond the project
  • Synthesis, HPLC purification and QC analysis including nanospray MS of the phosphopeptide and the nonphosphopeptide
  • Peptide sequencing by CID MS/MS at no extra charge - an industry exclusive! Don't settle for just mass analysis.
  • 2 rabbits, 5 immunizations, 5 production bleeds/rabbit (160-180ml)
  • ELISA versus phosphopeptide and nonphosphopeptide
  • 2-5mg of each peptide sent to you
  • Immunodepletion using a nonphosphopeptide affinity column
  • Affinity purification using a phosphopeptide affinity column
  • The final antibody is shipped to you in 1ml aliquots to avoid unnecessary freeze-thaw cycles

Click Here a selected list of research papers citing 21st Century Biochemicals' custom antibody services.

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Phosphospecific Antibodies


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