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21st Century Biochemicals introduces PhosphoExplorationTM, an integrated approach

for the identification, localization, and study of novel protein phosphorylation sites.  The

PhosphoExplorationTM Program allows researchers to obtain phosphopeptides and/or

phosphospecific antibodies to either previously characterized phosphorylation sites, or

to have the MS and Analytical Services Laboratory at 21st Century Biochemicals,

headed by Dr. Eric Berg, localize novel sites of phosphorylation prior to the generation

of specific phosphopeptides and phosphospecific antibodies.  With a state of the art

Mass Spectrometry laboratory featuring LC-MS/MS, including the QSTAR XL Q-oTOF

quadrapole hybrid and MALDI-TOF, and with 2D gel electrophoresis, nano and capillary

LC capabilities, our staff isolates and sequences phosphopeptides from

phosphorylated proteins, identifying the specific site(s) of phosphorylation.  Working

hand in hand with our peptide chemists and immunology staff, we can then generate

phosphopeptides, including cell permeable peptides for cellular studies, as well as

produce high quality phosphorylation state-specific antibodies, providing a start to

finish, integrated solution.  The introduction of our PhosphoExplorationTM Program

reinforces our goal to provide "Integrated Solutions for Complex Proteomic Problems." 

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