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Why Use 21st Century Biochemicals?

There are many choices when ordering custom peptides and antibodies.  At 21st Century Biochemicals, we try and make the choice an easy one.  We have a highly educated and trained staff with PhDs in Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Immunology, as well as laboratory staff with Master's dgerees in Organic and Analytical Chemistry.  We provide a collaborative relationship, where scientific questions are answered in a timely fashion and decades of experiences can help you solve issues that are important to your research goals.  Whether you are a Professor, Industrial Scientist, Post-doc, graduate student or technician, entrust our scientists with your valuable resources and time. 

Our commitment to science is evident in everything we do.  You may also be interested in knowing that:

1.  We are the ONLY peptide company that sequences its high purity custom peptides as part of our standard QC.  Why is this important?  People sometimes make mistakes.  Sequences are entered incorrectly, the wrong amino acid might be added, or a transposition is made so LRK in a sequence is added as LKR.  Although the percentage of such mistakes is low (estimated to be around 5% in a study of many different peptide manufacturers) we want to insure that our customers never receive a peptide that is incorrect.  By sequencing all of our high purity peptides via CID MS/MS at no extra charge (peptides ordered at >85% purity) using our industry exclusive MS CheckTM peptide sequence confirmation service, we find these mistakes before they are shipped to you or before they are injected into animals, and thus time is saved, effort is not wasted with incorrect material, and peptides can be trusted to not have just the correct mass but to have the correct sequence.  Many companies guarantee that their peptides are made correctly, but only 21st Century Biochemicals provides the data that backs up this claim.

2.  We manufacture all of our peptides in our state of the art facility in Massachusetts.  Surpisingly enough, many of the companies that sell custom peptides do not actually make the peptides they sell.  Many peptide companies are simply resellers, without the ability to critically analyze the peptides they ship to their customers or to help their customers avoid common mistakes when ordering custom peptides.  At 21st Century Biochemicals, we have a dedicated, highly educated and trained staff that manufactures and purifies all of our peptides and performs the highest QC in the industry.  Why settle for buying peptides from a middleman when you can buy them from the source?  Ask the companies you buy from if they actually manufacture the peptides they are selling (and can you do a site visit of their facilities) or if they are made elsewhere.  You might be surprised.

3.  Our PhD scientists help to insure the highest quality custom antibodies and phosphospecific antibodies.  Most peptide and antibody companies are staffed by chemists, many without advanced degrees, who choose antibody sequences through the use of commercially available software programs.  These programs choose sequences in the most elementary ways, without regard for immune system processing, MHC Class II peptide presentation, or the years of knowledge that comes from directing the manufacture of over 10,000 custom antibodies.  Dr. Jordan B. Fishman has been manufacturing peptides and antibodies for over 20 years, and the knowledge that he and our other staff members have accumulated over these years provides us with a comprehensive system for analysis of protein sequences unsurpassed in the industry.   Our success rate of approximately 90% for pan antibody production relies on a combination of scientific expertise that begins with epitope selection and continues all the way through your protocol including any required troubleshooting.  By understanding how the immune system works and how proteins are processed into MHC Class II immunogens, we are able to optimize epitopes and in the case of sluggish protocols, increase titers when necessary.  The use of simplistic "Enter Your Sequence" algorithms that provide a numerical estimate of antigenic potential wholly underestimate the science that we at 21st Century Biochemicals bring to every project to produce the highest quality antibodies. Dr. Michael Shia, Director of Immunology is available to discuss a variety of options for your antibody project including biotinylation, dye labeling and scale-up of final antibody.    Dr. Eric Berg, VP of Operations and Director of our Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, was a member of the research faculty at Boston University School of Medicine, and trained under Dr. Cathy Costello at the National Mass Spectrometry Research Resource.

At 21st Century Biochemicals, our full-time staff which includes PhD and MS degree scientists from academia and industry with backgrounds in biochemistry, immunology, organic and inorganic chemistry, neuroscience and cell biology is dedicated to insuring that each of our customers receives the highest level of customer service and expert technical support.  Our scientific staff can provide an unparalleled level of support whether your question relates to chemistry, signal transduction, protein analysis including the identification of post-translational modifications (i.e., phosphorylation, glycosylation, acetylation), or many other areas of chemistry, biochemistry, immunology and biology. 


      Thank you for considering 21st Century Biochemicals!




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Why Use 21st Century Biochemicals?
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