Why is a Purified Peptide Important to Making a Polyclonal Antibody?
As the name implies, a polyclonal antibody is made up of many different antibody species. The use of a purified peptide helps your antibody character in several ways. First, major deletions during the synthesis of your peptide are often the result of steric hindrance, due in large part to the presence of beta branched amino acids, such as Ile and Thr. In addition, short regions of your peptide sequence may have two or three aromatic amino acids, and often these amino acids can add incompletely. Given that the loss of one of the above amino acids would in fact result in a more immunogenic peptide in the region where the amino acid was deleted (due to the fact that none of the above amino acids are immunogenic), a major deletion could in fact result in a majority of antibody molecules targeting this deletion peptide rather than the peptide of interest. Further, since affinity purification is desired for many antibody applications (e.g., in situ analyses, such as immunostaining or immunohistochemistry), the use of a crude or 70% pure peptide for manufacture of the affinity column and subsequent affinity purification of the antiserum would result in the potential to generate poor quality antibodies. All of this impacts your research and it is something we try to avoid at 21st Century Biochemicals. Rather than offer a service that we know will be substandard in many cases, we have tried to optimize our protocols. Our Scientific Director has made thousands of custom antibodies, catalog antibodies, and phosphospecific antibodies, and has optimized our protocols to provide the best protocol for your research dollar. Thus, you get the protocol that is likely to generate a good, high titer antibody, rather than having to guess whether a 60 day protocol, or one rabbit protocol, or some other permutation is right for your research.


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Why is a Purified Peptide Important to Making a Polyclonal Antibody?
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