Custom Antibodies - Your Way!

Antibody protocols at 21st Century Biochemicals can be tailored to meet your needs!

Choose the type of protocol you want or design one yourself - QwikScreen AbsTM for projects where speed is of the essence, our Standard Protocol, or the Pinnacle, Complete Affinity Purified Antibody Program.   Send the peptide sequence or protein name and accession number and we do the rest!  Also, ask about our Complete Phosphospecific Antibody Program $2975 (multiple project discounts available - contact us for current specials!

QwikScreen AbsTM Antibodies include a 65 day, 2 rabbit protocol, ~100ml serum, customer supplied antigen.  Options include peptide synthesis, conjugation to carrier, ELISA and much more!

If you have antigen, either synthetic peptide conjugated to carrier or protein, just send it along with the protein name or sequence of the peptide and we will do the rest.  This service is specifically for those in need of a rapid, low-cost option to provide antibodies for applications such as ELISA or for following gene expression of high copy number proteins.  Cost per protocol is as low as $685!  Peptide synthesis and purification, conjugation, ELISA and other options are available at additional cost.

Standard Antibodies, a more robust protocol, are 72 days in length using 2 rabbits, 5 inoculations, 4 produciton bleeds/animal and provide ~120-160ml of serum. Options include peptide synthesis, conjugation to carrier, ELISA, affinity purification and much more!  Cost per protocol for customer supplied antigen is as low as $895.  Peptide synthesis and purification, conjugation, ELISA and other options are available at additional cost.

The Pinnacle, Complete Affinity Purified Antibody Program FROM EPITOPE DESIGN TO PURIFIED ANTIBODY - just send the protein information and we do the rest!

The Pinnacle includes:
95 day protocol, 2 SPF rabbits (other species available)
Epitope design and PhD technical support throughout the protocol
Peptide synthesis, HPLC purification, HPLC/MS analysis
5+mg peptide to customer
free peptide sequencing by CID MS/MS 
Conjugation to a proprietary carrier for inoculation and ELISA (BSA) 
5 inoculaitons/4 production bleeds per animal (~120-160ml serum)
   plus preimmune serum
ELISA on one production bleed
Manufacture of a peptide affinity column
Affinity purification of 50-100ml of serum
10-day evaluation period at the end of the protocol -
     giving you the opportunity to obtain additional serum
and purified antibody!



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