What Does 21st Century Biochemicals Do Differently Than Other Companies?
A good antipeptide antibody requires a good peptide immunogen. We take great care in selecting our antigenic sequences and in addition we offer one that that no other companies offer: MS CheckTM peptide sequence confirmation. In order to insure that your antibody is made to the correct antigen, we sequence every peptide to be used for antibody production. Why do we do that? Although automated peptide synthesizers and laboratory controls are in place at every peptide company, machine and/or human error can result in production of an incorrect peptide whose improper sequence might not show up when QC includes only mass confirmation. Thus when you are going to wait months for your serum, or your peptide is critical to your ongoing experiments, why take a chance? By investing in state of the art mass spectrometers, such as the QSTAR XL Pro, with greater than 10ppm accuracy, we can confirm the sequence of every peptide we make, thus insuring that the months of immunization or your valuable research time and effort does not go wasted.

Our protocols are optimized to provide you with the best possible antibodies. We utilize multiple carrier proteins for antigens with borderline immunogenicity, keep animals alive for 14 days after the protocol is completed to allow you the opportunity to obtain more serum and purified antibody, and we have Ph.D.-level scientists to provide you with complete technical support during your antibody protocol.


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What Does 21st Century Biochemicals Do Differently Than Other Companies?



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