Jordan B. Fishman, Ph.D.

21st Century Biochemicals was founded by Dr. Jordan B. Fishman along with a team of talented scientists. Dr. Fishman received a dual Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Carcinogenesis/Toxicology in 1984 from the Oak Ridge Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, an affiliate of the University of Tennessee. His postdoctoral work with Dr. Richard Fine was followed by his appointment as an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at Boston University Medical Center. In 1988, Dr. Fishman joined the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, in Worcester, MA. Dr. Fishman has been a member of several ad hoc study sections for the NIH, the recipient of an award from the Office of Naval Research, reviewer for several scientific journals, as well as a consultant to numerous pharmaceuticals firms (Miles Laboratories, Bayer, Astra, McKesson Corp.) and biotech companies (Synergen, Alpha-1-Biomedicals). Dr. Fishman has worked in the areas of Alzheimer's Disease, research on opioid receptors, intracellular signal transduction (7-transmembrane domain/GPCRs), and other areas of cell biology and biochemistry and has published over two dozen peer reviewed papers, several book chapters and review articles. Often providing valuable insight and help for difficult projects, Dr. Fishman has been a co-author on several papers with customers, including two recent papers on cell-permeable peptides:

Modulation of the Delta Protein Kinase C Interaction With The "d" Subunit of F1Fo ATP Synthase in Neonatal Cardiac Myocytes: Development of Cell-Permeable, Mitochondrial-Targeted Inhibitor and Facilitator Peptides. Tiffany T. Nguyen, Mourad Ogbi, Qilin Yu, Jordan B. Fishman, Warren Thomas, David Fulton, and John A. Johnson. July, 2010. J. Biol. Chem., 285: 22164 - 22173

Limiting angiotensin II signaling with a cell penetrating peptide mimicking the second intracellular loop of the angiotensin II type I receptor. Jun Yu, Linda Taylor, Dale Mierke, Eric Berg, Michael Shia, Jordan Fishman, and Peter Polgar. 2010. Chem. Biol. & Drug Design, Chem Biol Drug Des, July 1, 2010; 76(1): 70-6.


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