Histone H3.2 Peptide Array

Protein Name: H3.2, human (HIST2H3A), VERSION Q71DI3.3 GI:74758899
Size: 1 mg per peptide, supplied as individual peptides; 25 peptides
Catalog Number: H3.2-array-25peps
Price (USD): $1,950 for the 25 peptides; $125/mg for individual peptides
(Also available as the immobilized peptide array on streptavidin-coated plates, please inquire)
Description: This peptide array consists of overlapping synthetic 15 amino acid peptides covering the entire histone H3.2 sequence of the mature protein (135 amino acids after removal of the N-terminal methionine). The overlap from peptide to peptide is 10 amino acids.
Supplied As: 25 peptides, 1mg of each peptide in 25 tubes, lyophilized powder
QC Data Supplied: nanospray, HPLC analysis; CID MS/MS to confirm peptide sequence
Storage/Shelf life: -20C/shelf life of 12 months in powder form
Peptide Sequences (numbering based upon mature protein; Ahx = aminohexanoate):

Sequence Catalog Number Size Price (US$)
ARTKQTARKSTGGKA[K- Ahx-Biotin]-amide H3.2: 1-15, [K-BIOT] 1mg $125
Biotin-Ahx-TARKSTGGKAPRKQL-amide H3.2: BIOT, 6-20 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-TGGKAPRKQLATKAA-amide H3.2: BIOT,11-25 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-PRKQLATKAARKSAP-amide H3.2: BIOT,16-30 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-ATKAARKSAPATGGV-amide H3.2: BIOT,21-35 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-RKSAPATGGVKKPHR-amide H3.2: BIOT,26-40 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-ATGGVKKPHRYRPGT-amide H3.2: BIOT,31-45 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-KKPHRYRPGTVALRE-amide H3.2: BIOT,36-50 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-YRPGTVALREIRRYQ-amide H3.2: BIOT,41-55 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-VALREIRRYQKSTEL-amide H3.2: BIOT,46-60 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-IRRYQKSTELLIRKL-amide H3.2: BIOT,51-65 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-KSTELLIRKLPFQRL-amide H3.2: BIOT,56-70 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-LIRKLPFQRLVREIA-amide H3.2: BIOT,61-75 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-PFQRLVREIAQDFKT-amide H3.2: BIOT,66-80 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-VREIAQDFKTDLRFQ-amide H3.2: BIOT,71-85 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-QDFKTDLRFQSSAVM-amide H3.2: BIOT,76-90 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-DLRFQSSAVMALQEA-amide H3.2: BIOT,81-95 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-SSAVMALQEASEAYL-amide H3.2: BIOT,86-100 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-ALQEASEAYLVGLFE-amide H3.2: BIOT,91-105 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-SEAYLVGLFEDTNLC-amide H3.2: BIOT,96-110 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-VGLFEDTNLCAIHAK-amide H3.2: BIOT,101-115 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-DTNLCAIHAKRVTIM-amide H3.2: BIOT,106-120 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-AIHAKRVTIMPKDIQ-amide H3.2: BIOT,111-125 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-RVTIMPKDIQLARRI-amide H3.2: BIOT,116-130 1mg $125
Biotin -Ahx-PKDIQLARRIRGERA-OH H3.2: BIOT,121-135 1mg $125



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