Mass Spec Services

Capillary and nano-LC/MS/MS

NanoESI MS can be coupled to high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) using

a variety of sizes of liquid chromatographs. We have maximized the sensitivity of the

QSTART XL by performing chromatographic separations on a UltimateT nano-HPLC,

from Dionex/LC Packings.  A relatively large volume of sample (1-25  l) can then be

loaded onto an appropriate reverse-phase column (e.g., C8, C18) that can be

separated into its various component parts by eluting with a gradient at 100-2000

nl/min. This reduces sample preparation time and loss during analysis. Examples

whereby this could enhance the information gathered includes an enzymatic digest of

protein that can be analyzed by LC/MS for peptide mapping/sequencing. LC/MS can

be used for the quantitative analysis of trace samples including metabolites or

contaminants. LC/MS/MS is almost the best method available to study

pharmacokinetics, the fate of drugs, pesticides and insecticides. Not only can it

quantitate the amount of specimen in a mixture but also elucidate the structures of the

specimen. Furthermore, 2D chromatographic methodology utilizing the multiple micro-

valves integrated into the UlimateT have improved proteomic analysis of complex

mixtures.  Information-dependent acquisition (IDAT) allows for on-the-fly MS/MS based

on switching criteria as desired greatly increasing the amount and types of data

obtained including specific peptide information in a mixture or targeted modifications.


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